4 tips teach you how to choose ceramic tableware?

I believe that many people have used ceramic tableware, such as ceramic bowls, ceramic plates, ceramic pots, ceramic spoons, etc. However, as ceramic tableware is in direct contact with our food, its quality will directly affect our health, so ceramics Care must be taken in the selection of cutlery. So, how can we choose high-quality ceramic tableware?

1. From the perspective of porcelain

There are many types of porcelain tableware, such as bone china, white porcelain, celadon and colored porcelain, etc., but in terms of quality, tableware with high white porcelain and bone china is better, because white porcelain and bone china have high transparency and texture. Lightweight features. However, bone china is mostly made of animal bone meal, clay and other raw materials. If the content of bone meal exceeds a certain percentage, it will easily cause excessive lead dissolution and endanger our health. Therefore, it is difficult to select qualified bone china. ; and the high white porcelain made of kaolin as raw material does not have this problem, because it not only does not contain harmful substances such as lead, but also has the characteristics of high strength, small deformation, etc., and is more durable. Therefore, if you choose from porcelain, high white porcelain ceramic tableware is a good choice.

2. Judging from the screen decoration

Ceramic tableware can be divided into overglaze color, in-glaze color, underglaze color, colored glaze porcelain and some uncolored white porcelain according to the characteristics of the flower surface. It is relatively monotonous and the price is moderate; while the color of in-glaze color is richer than that of under-glaze color, and the product grade is higher, but the process requirements are strict, and the cost is high, and the price is also high. Therefore, from the perspective of decorative effect, ceramic tableware with in-glaze color will be better.

3. Look at the quality of enamel

No matter what kind of ceramic glaze you choose, you need to choose a ceramic glaze with very low content or no heavy metal elements such as lead and cadmium. You can judge this by the quality inspection certificate of the merchant. You can directly buy high-white porcelain tableware, because it does not contain lead and is not harmful to the human body.

4. Look at the craftsmanship of ceramic tableware

If you want to judge the craftsmanship level of ceramic tableware, you can not only judge the quality of ceramic tableware by checking whether the surface of the ceramic tableware is smooth, whether there are defects such as deformation or black spots, you can also judge the quality of ceramic tableware by gently tapping the ceramic tableware to see In fact, it can't make a crisp and pleasant sound. If it is, then the quality of such ceramic tableware is still good.

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