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Chinese table manners

Chinese table manners

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  The Chinese are the rituals of the rituals, and the people are eating for the heavens. Although it is said that it is three meals a day, but it is better to know than to know!
  1. Guests are required to inform early, attending at 6:00, and calling the guests at 5:50 is not appropriate.
  2. The host family can't be late; the guest should be 5-10 minutes late, this is a very considerate guest, pay attention to the master, the natural guest and the host are happy.
  3. If you are sitting on a round table, the main seat is facing the main entrance, or the back wall, the counter; the restaurant that pays attention to it will be distinguished by a napkin. The highest position of the napkin cannot be seated casually, unless you intend to treat it:
  4. On the right hand side of the host is the host and guest, on the left hand side is the next important guest; the door facing the owner, naturally the errands greet the guest to sit.
  5. If you are a guest, you should not directly greet the à la carte. You should wait for the host to order. If the guest does have serious taboos or hobbies, you should gently tell the owner that the owner will naturally be the master, satisfying the guest. Requirements.
  6. On the host's house, you don't need or need to grab or hold the dishes you eat, such as crabs, lobster legs, ribs, and so on. There is no cure for three such dishes in a meal. What kind of etiquette can be said!
  7. Not reluctant or against a small amount of drinking, no wine is not a feast!
  8. Have a drink on the water! Foreigners like to boast of craftsmanship, the Chinese people can not boast of their own dishes, the owner carefully observes the cold dishes on the Qi, every drink in the cup, when the toast immediately, welcome to start, turn the disc or indicate the right hand The main subject of the side moves the first chopsticks. The host and guest can not be pushed for too long, everyone is hungry, just waiting for you to eat! Don't forget to praise it when you eat it.
  9. After each dish comes up, although the waiter and the owner will still go to the host, but it is not too restrictive. If it happens to be in front of me and no one is turning the disc, I will try it with a small chopstick. !
  10. The host family should often turn the disc to take care of most of the guests; the guest will add a greeting service; the guest's hand can eat the whole meal without touching the disc, then the guest and the host are happy again.
  11. If there is no waiter to serve dishes or public chopsticks or spoons, you should first look at the dishes when you pick them up. You can't pick them up in the plate with your own chopsticks, or even stir! Not everyone like your lover doesn't mind the saliva on your chopsticks! It is usually accurate to pick the part closest to yourself.
  12. It is best to let the food on the chopsticks transition in your own dish before sending it to the entrance. Can make the eating phase look less urgent.
  13. When food is chewed in the mouth, the big thing to remember is to close your lips so as not to talk, objects fall, juice overflow, and to avoid the "squeaky" appetite.
  14. Whether it is during or before or after eating, you should straighten your back and try to sit back in the chair without *. During the meal, basically both hands are above the table.
  15. A host who is too appetizing, and a guest who is losing weight, is not suitable for such a meal.